DMD Building Systems is a Canadian company providing revolutionary fast-track building solutions with the design, fabrication and installation of pre-engineered LSF wall systems (with option to be pre-finished with architectural coatings). DMD provides a cost-effective, non-combustible alternative to cast-in-place concrete framework.

Perfect for Mid-rise & Low-rise Buildings

Our pre-engineered LSF wall systems, concrete shear walls, roof trusses and floor systems, are an ideal choice for hotels, condominiums, senior living residences, school dormitories, military housing and commercial buildings.

We manufacture our own LSF products and other construction related profiles, manufacture and install our pre-engineered LSF wall panels that are ready for drywall on the interior, and pre-finished with architectural coatings on the exterior.

Our in-house engineers design the entire building with the use of proprietary software.

Our Services

We Design, Manufacture and Install


LSF Wall Panel Systems

For every structure, right from the walls to foundations.

Floor Systems

Floor Systems

Our engineered floor systems ensure durability and offer architectural design freedom.


CFS Roof Truss

Our pre-built truss systems integrate with other components from slit coil to a finished truss.

Concrete Shear Walls

Concrete Shear Walls

We design and construct cast in place shear walls if needed in conjunction with our wall panel system.

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