Are you planning to install a durable roof on your commercial or industrial or residential project? If yes, DMD Building Systems is your go-to choice. Our cold-formed steel truss provides the next level building solution for your steel roof truss needs. No matter how big or small your roofing project is, our pre-designed and built truss systems provide the long-lasting efficiency and durability you are looking for.

Our roofing professionals are capable of providing you with a fully detailed cold-formed steel, i.e. CFS roof truss system. Our pre-built truss systems can readily integrate with all other components ranging from slit coil to a finished truss.

At DMD Building Systems, we design truss systems that are cost effective and extremely versatile. Our single profile roof truss system is ideal for light residential and commercial constructions. Our product range has been developed and manufactured specifically for CFS, steel, and LSF framing systems and complies with the local building standards.

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