Easy to Re-model

The flexibility of the system and longer spans between load bearing steel stud walls allow easy design changes and interior renovations.

Call Back

Shrinkage and warping of structures is minimized so problems such as settlement, cracking nail pops do not occur.

Reduced Sound Transmission

System meets Sound Proof Code requirements.


No old growth forest will be diminished for your project, saving our natural resources.

No Waste

There is little clean up necessary with reduced site waste because steel stud walls and open joists are manufactured off site


The system is lighter than conventional building methods resulting in lighter foundations.

Mechanical Services

The system employs open-web steel joints and galvanized steel studs complete with pre-punched knockouts allowing electrical wiring, HVAC ducts, plumbing and sprinklers to be expediently installed.

Resale Value

Eliminate problems relating to shrinkage, rotting, corrosion and cracks in the interior and exterior finishes.


All material and labor are guaranteed to building codes and standards for a 12-month period.

No Environment For Mold or Insects

Termite; insect; and vermin problems are reduced.
Steel does not provide an environment for moisture build-up thus reducing allergens and odors from mold and mildew. The Asthma Society of Canada has given its Seal of Approval for the use of light gauge steel in building construction.