Who We Are!

DMD Building Systems is one of the largest Canadian companies providing revolutionary structural steel building solutions, and high-end prefinished exterior wall systems.

Our corporate strength and reliability is attributed to our team of passionate and highly experienced select individuals, some of whom have been in the structural LSF, and EIFS construction industry well over 38 years. DMD Building Systems has revolutionized the low to mid-rise building construction market by providing fast-track and non-combustible structures by eliminating the need for a cast-in-place concrete framework for buildings up to 12 storeys in height.

We roll all of our material studs, track and a number of other construction-related profiles, engineer the entire building with the use of proprietary software and manufacture pre-engineered panels. DMD Building Systems handles its own transportation logistics and currently has over 70 highly qualified installers working on a number of major projects throughout the GTA.

Our Vision

To be the leader in the green building movement and related technology, to allow customers and entrepreneurs globally to provide their local markets with a green structural building technology solution using recycled light steel.

Our Values

Impact On The Environment

(The Building Construction Industry consumes more natural resources than any other human activity.)

  • 1
    40% of all Raw Material Consumption
  • 2
    17% of all Fresh Water Usage
  • 3
    40% of all Energy Produced
  • 4
    25% of Global Wood Harvest
  • 5
    40% of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Assuming Responsibility, Taking initiative

DMD recognizes concerns about the impact of these conditions and is committed to participating in contributing to building a healthy and safe environment for generations to come.

Our commitment to the environment takes on many shapes, and DMD incorporates sustainable development principles into every aspect of our business, based on a balance between Environmental, Innovation, Energy Efficiency, and Building Performance.

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